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70 now and our five wonderful years aboard our narrowboat Skyy seem along time ago. Jacquie, allowed me to build my replica three wheeler kit car, which was a great success. Now it's time to start on a bigger project and that is to make a good Triumph Stag even better, here goes.

Saturday, 4 June 2011



Firstly thank you Carol from Rock’n’Roll for letting me know that the area of water by Plank Lane lift bridge is going to be a marina and thanks also to Sharyn of the USofA for her kind comments.

Saturday we wandered down from the canal and then up into Macclesfield town. The pedestrian way up was via a cobbled path and was steep enough to visualize the bakers lad pushing his bike laden with Hovis loafs, just like the old TV advert, but the lane wasn’t quite olde worlde enough.

We left the Hovis Mill behind us as SKYY transported us four miles or so, to the top of the twelve Boseley Locks, down hill all the way now. Again these locks are beautifully located, easy to operate and fill and empty very quickly.

At some point Duggie unearthed a small ‘Welcome Aboard’ life buoy, his antics with this new toy kept us all amused for ages, until Kim decided to try it for size. We drove the pins in for the night about a few hundred yards passed the last lock and relaxed for the evening.

Sunday was Kim & John’s last day with us and we thought Congleton would be a good place to arrange a taxi back to the Portland Basin Marina to collect their car. We moored in a deep cutting with a road and a railway bridge overhead, but as the weather was dull in didn’t make much difference. Just up the steps beside the bridge was the Queens Head pub and they provided probably the best Sunday Lunch Roast dinner that we have ever enjoyed. At 3.30pm the taxi arrived beside the pub and another sad farewell was had, before it whisked them away.

We decided to stay put for the rest of Sunday and as the Bank Holiday Monday’s weather was even worse with non stop rain, we postponed our departure until Tuesday for when the forecast was much more positive.

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