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70 now and our five wonderful years aboard our narrowboat Skyy seem along time ago. Jacquie, allowed me to build my replica three wheeler kit car, which was a great success. Now it's time to start on a bigger project and that is to make a good Triumph Stag even better, here goes.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010



We said a sad goodbye to Kim & John, as they abandoned us high and dry in Hebdon,
but as they are such good company we forgave them.

Jacquie was also going to abandon me, to attend a wedding in Bedford and then travel onwards to visit her son and his girlfriend for a day or so. With the closing of the locks our original plan to leave the boat in a marina at Dewsbury and hire a car to attend the wedding had to be cancelled and as we are not happy about leaving the boat unattended whilst moored on line. I and Duggie were to be left behind to guard SKYY
I waved Jacquie off at the railway station on Friday afternoon and settled down to catch up with blog and discover all the paths and tracks that Hedben has to offer.

I also took the opportunity to remove the loo and separate it from the Vetus macerator, my intention was to run a cable and switch from the inlet control solenoid so that I can control the amount of water that is flushed each time the flush button is pushed. Success, it works perfectly, instead of the litre and a quarter of fresh water that is automatically used, I can determine when in the flushing cycle, water is added and how much.

As is so often our good fortune, if we had to be delayed in our travels, this was the perfect place for it to happen. A large park right beside SKYY and lots of visiting dogs to keep Duggie amused and plenty of passers by to keep me chatting.

That’s it the blog is right up to date!!! and the good news is, that we should be able to move on tomorrow and get down to Sowerby Bridge and Jacquie is on the train on her way back hooray.


Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Hi Andrew

Thanks for comment, but as I think the Leeds & Liverpool is about to be closed because of the water shortage, we will start to head South on the River Trent.

That should be exciting


ajdw said...

Hi Mac
Shame i was looking forward to meeting you, i am simon farley's cousin, your neighbour at Napton.Safe journey.


Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Hi Andrew

Already getting behind on blog, but should be at Stanley Ferry Wakefield by close of play today. (Saturday)

It would have been good to have met up but please give Simon our warm regards.


sue said...

Hi Mac,Lady Godiva here, have you done the Calder and Hebble, if so did you find the short locks OK I think like ourselves you are 60ft. We are at Walsden and with Sammy jo,we are going towards Todmorden. last night we spent high and dry just past the Rochedale summit we managed to getback afloat about midnight and go one lock down to some water.

Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Hi Sue & Co

Behind with blog already, but we did find the Calder & Hebble a squeeze at 57ft and had to lift front fender and take bike of back and provided we positioned the stern right in the V of the cill we could swing the bottom gate open you should be able to do it but definitely only one at a time and you must have the wooden hand spike. Will try to get more info onto blog today

Cheers Mac