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70 now and our five wonderful years aboard our narrowboat Skyy seem along time ago. Jacquie, allowed me to build my replica three wheeler kit car, which was a great success. Now it's time to start on a bigger project and that is to make a good Triumph Stag even better, here goes.

Monday, 30 May 2011



It was time to tackle the infamous Rochdale Nine. Well we know from last years experience that it is not so daunting, just hard work. There is often a lot of water running over the top of the gates and some have a drum and chain arrangement to winch the gates open and closed and that can be tricky working out which way to turn the handle, Unfortunately right at the top we encountered a boat coming down, the owner of which appeared not to have a clue as to what he was doing, leaving paddles open and shutting gates when it was obvious we wanted to enter, despite our helping him. It’s a wonder as he must have come either come the Rochdale or the Aston flights and should have learnt something by then.

We were safely tucked up beside an office block on the other side to the towpath in the Ducie Street Basin ready for an early night and an equally early start in the morning This is suggested to avoid naughty boys that used to frequent these locks especially at weekends.

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