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70 now and our five wonderful years aboard our narrowboat Skyy seem along time ago. Jacquie, allowed me to build my replica three wheeler kit car, which was a great success. Now it's time to start on a bigger project and that is to make a good Triumph Stag even better, here goes.

Sunday, 14 September 2008



The sun shone, so I decided to give the boat a bit of a clean, as tomorrow we would be tackling the Foxton Flight and we wouldn’t want all those gongoozlers to think what a mucky boat Skyy was. I didn’t get much done, as I soon got chatting to Alan, from NB Jeeves, Alan’s wife Viv came to find out why their boat hadn’t been cleaned either, Jacquie then returned from the post office and the tales of boating disasters really flowed.

Boat finally spruced, we shoved off just as the un-forecasted rain started, we ambled along until just before bridge 52 a nice straight stretch of Armco seduced me to stop there. Armco is so much easier to moor to, you just hook your special Armco thingies into the barrier and tie up nice and tight, no sore thumbs from banging in the pins.

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