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70 now and our five wonderful years aboard our narrowboat Skyy seem along time ago. Jacquie, allowed me to build my replica three wheeler kit car, which was a great success. Now it's time to start on a bigger project and that is to make a good Triumph Stag even better, here goes.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008



I had an early start to the day with a drive to Leamington Spa for a pre. operation assessment, before my little op. on Wednesday. It seems that all the vital signs are vital enough, so under the knife I will be going, but as my surgeon is 'going in' via keyholes, chopsticks are more likely to be the instrument of choice.

I got back to Skyy just as Jacky had reluctantly packed her bag and then it was back to Royal Leamington Spa for a bit of shopping for the girls, before Jacky caught a late afternoon train back to Surrey. We had a call later that evening, to say, that she was safely back home and missing us already.

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Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Best of luck Mac, hope all goes well with the Op.